About Us

SoundAround had its humble beginnings in the early 1990's at the need of local music professionals seeking high end recordings, done on location.  Since that time, we have made it our priority to deliver the absolute best product at a reasonable cost.  We work closely with manufacturers of professional audio and video equipment to ensure that all of our end products are the best and most compatible with the end user's existing systems.


 (Yeah... there's only one "F."    He's weird...)

The big cheese himself, Jef Bass is the owner of SoundAround Audio/Video LLC (SAAV) and keeps this place in rockin' and rollin' like the 1980's never ended. As professional and poised as he is, there's never a dull moment around him, and never takes himself too seriously. 

Growing up with both hands and feet in the Audio/Video field, his history dates back to his high school days. As being one of the first students to not only join the broadcast production interlinking program (GSAMS) in the state of Georgia, but also help build the program to being implemented in almost every school in the state of Georgia, and at the same time working behind the scenes at the 1996 summer Olympics.

His history didn't stop there. He's an accomplished musician touring america, and even internationally to Iceland with a band from Atlanta. He has two Grammy nominations, spent time on tour as systems engineer for U2, has mixed for many famous artist including Metallica, and John Mayer, has taught in most major Audio/Video schools across the state of Georgia, and has worked with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Studio GPB.” (No, he did not write his own bio.)  Once upon a time he was awarded an Emmy for a program he produced on Alzheimer's.

As accomplished as our leader is, he has found a new love throughout his years of adventures- being a great dad to his two boys, Brody and Beckham... And of course cracking the occasional Dad Joke.


(with his mom... awwwwww)

Daniel is our lead video editor, really tall, office manager, momma's boy, media production engineer, natural redhead, project manager, and his favorite snack is OREO.
From the young days of making rock music with his buds in his basement, to graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Music with a recording engineering degree, he's known all these years he is destined for the Audio/Video industry. 
Even though he has a degree in audio, he's a self claimed expert in video and graphic's editing and pride's himself of that. He also is extremely smart, dashingly handsome, great people skills, can cook a mean breakfast casserole, and knows how to log into the website and write his own bio. 

SAAV Crew since 2014


And his wife

Tim is a family man, and with his wife Terri, they have raised two great boys, Thadd and Toby. (they really like the letter "T") Tim is our designated nerd of the crew, tinkering with all things electronic and writing code like it's his first language.
As the evil genius among us, he's been able to give us the opportunity to build our own Pan/Tilt Robotic Cameras, and automate our HD Video Trailer to make our lives that much easier through the power of AMX. Did we mention he's a family man? That means dad jokes... all the time...
Tim often jokes that many years ago Jef, was the know it all 19 year old that annoyed him- trying to get a free education in A/V, and that now Jef is teaching him about stuff.  Those guys make a pretty good team either way you shake it.

SAAV Crew Since 2013


Don't ask... We don't know what he's doing...

Also known as the lovable redneck of the crew. Lifted trucks, camo everything he definitely knows how to embarrass us when he shows up to the job sight with his giant metal water bottle, and takes two sips from it and carries it around like it's his child. If he's not wrestling with Daniel to prove how "not short he is" he can be found behind the camera getting those amazing follow shots we all love.
Son to Tim Schipper, he has grown up in the audio/video industry and knows more than we give he credit for... sometimes...
We love our token "young buck" and can't do a video shoot without him. 

SAAV Crew since 2015 


He's your instant friend

When you meet Eric, you will find that he has never met a stranger.  Eric has traveled the world creating videos for many religious organizations to help in funding for their efforts.  His passion is to talk to people, make them smile, and make sure they know that someone out there is listening.  Eric owned a video production company in Atlanta for many years that specialized in high-profile weddings.

SAAV Crew since... however long Jef and Eric have been friends.


T.R. is one of our veteran camera operators.  His day job in the airline industry takes him to remote parts of the world, which is a career lasting nearly 40 years.  On his off days, you’ll find him soldering and crimping connectors.  Not sure why.  We just think his airline job is just a way to pay for all those wasted connectors and cables.  Terry has one daughter, Madison, and he spends as much time with her as he can.

SAAV Crew since 1856



Upcoming SAAV Crew


Ethan Isenberg is the true green horn of our crew. He's with us behind the cameras gaining as much experience as he can, and drinking an entire pack of sodas by himself. He's got a lot to learn but we love the little guy and try to take him on nearly every shoot.

SAAV Crew since 2018







Jef's oldest son Brody is ball of excitement and enthusiasm, running around asking everyone on the crew what their favorite video game is. You can usually find him with his best friend Mike (Grandpa) running replay during Hockey Games.

SAAV Crew since he was 5 years old.





Beckham is Jef's youngest and has been "Daddy's little helper" since birth, following Jef around the office and garage, tinkering with his plastic hammer helping Jef (Dad) fix broken equipment. 

SAAV Crew since birth