Live Events

Back in 2012, at the urging of customers throughout the country, we embraced the notions that the world is very visual.  

Our investment (not just financially) into the world of HD video has seen a remarkable change in the way our clients preserve their events for the future.  

Offering multi-camera/broadcast trailer services, all the way down to one camera/simple-setup shoots, our dedication to excellence is something that didn’t fall short from our beginnings in audio only products.

Our service offerings include: pre-production, on location production, editing, compositing, audio post-production, Blu-ray/DVD mastering and authoring, and video compression services. All of our videos are recorded in HD 1080p.

A live event can come with many complications when it comes to video and audio. We here at SoundAround have a great solution in capturing and preserving your event, with our HD Broadcast Video Trailer making set-up, and break-down easy, we can stay in the background, capturing every second of the memorable event for your preservation for years to come. 

We strive to perfection when capturing a live event. Using on-sight production with mult-camera switching, making editing and post production a thing of past, we can hand you an instant DVD after your event to take home.